Unreal Parallel

The coolest thing for me is when I meet people who share(d) the same academic enthusiasm for dying subjects like philosophy.  Dylan and I took the train heading north back home, and there were hardly any seats left on the busy 6:16 train from New Brunswick to New York Penn Station, so we shared seats with this older woman who was texting on her phone.

I started reading my Philosophy of Mind book and got into a conversation with Dylan about our Intro Existentialism class.  It was the usual bitch-and-moan complaints from me– you know, ignorant people with undeveloped ideas.  And the woman we were sitting with, only until we were 10-15 minutes away from Newark Penn, asked us if we were philosophy majors.

Turns out that she majored in philosophy and was accepted into law school after her undergrad.  But she wanted to get married and decided to do so instead of continuing school.  Her parents were pissed, needless to say, and they disowned her for some time.

The funny thing is, this woman, after some years of marrying her husband, went back to school and got her Masters in computer science, which was great for her since she took logic courses in her undergrad.

It was so uncanny that the situation this woman faced was similar to mine and Dylan’s.  She was a young woman, just turned 21, and married young.  But the best thing was that she mentioned her husband after she discovered that colleges still used blue books for testing.

I love the fact that this woman, who we had just met on the train, shared her mini-life story with us.  Because, you know, not everyone has to marry within the “right” age range.